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KHPRA Consulting is an organization development and coaching firm that provides solutions to corporations, organizations, community groups and individuals in a variety of areas including: change planning and implementation, visioning, innovation, strategic planning, team building, and equity and diversity development. We use the best thinking in the field to design and facilitate solutions for our clients that effectively respond to their needs, context, and priorities.

Our website name is profound moments because that is what our clients experience with us. What does that mean? There are moments in our lives--sometimes too brief, sometimes too few--when a spark in us ignites, when the answer to a previously elusive question appears as if by magic, when we connection with a place within ourselves that we have neglected for far too long, or when we make that all too infrequent deep connection with someone who was previously an unknown quantity in our lives. Those are profound moments. KHPRA Consulting is in the business of using profound moments to help our clients achieve their objectives and goals.

We truly believe in the power and potential of those profound moments and we believe in the power and potential of people to create these profound moments to be successful.