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We design custom solutions for our clients based upon their unique needs, context, and priorities. Our design framework includes the following performance areas:


We use a variety of creative techniques such as mind mapping, tableau creation, transformative language arts, and simulations to employ right and left brain thinking in tapping into the full spectrum of knowledge and wisdom of our clients and client systems. Sometimes that may look like asking clients to mind map a complex concept they are using, creating a tableau of a condition within their organization, finding a metaphor for articulating an emerging vision, or organizing a simulation to test the viability of a proposed idea.


We employ a variety of contemplative techniques such as conscious breathing, silent reflection, tai chi, chi gong, yoga, and the creation of restorative space to provide the optimal environment for learning, growth, and generative thinking by our clients and client systems. We help clients clear away the noise so that they can deal with what is most important and achieve their objectives and goals with focus, clarity, and purpose.


We work within a systems orientation in understanding the context, dynamics, and components of a client's needs, objectives, and priorities. We drill down to look at the essentials. We telescope out to examine the big picture. We unravel intricacies to determine how they work. This can look like a variety of approaches such as 360-assessments, field studies, transverse analyses, area mapping, or participant-observation.