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Organization development is any initiative intended to contribute to the growth, development, or improvement of an organization. We provide organization development support in the following areas:

Change Planning and Implementation: When you want to make some change in how you are organized, how you perform, what you do, or where you are located, we create an effective, efficient, and entrepreneurial way forward.

Visioning and Innovation: When you want to create something that does not already exist, conceptualize something new, or go in a completely new direction, we create the most optimal environment for you to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Strategic Planning: When you want to develop a systemic plan to implement a long range project, we facilitate a clear and deliberate process to achieving that goal.

Team Building: When you want to bring together people in a new group or improve the way an existing group works together, we work with the group to understand individual capacities, examine group dynamics, build collaborative processes, and achieve a successful group identity.

Equity and Diversity Development: When you want to increase your level of human resource diversity, capacity to encourage all individuals regardless of their social identities or backgrounds to do their best work and be their best selves, and consistency for treating all groups of people equitably, we help you to build the vision, goals, benchmarks, culture, processes, and systems to make that desire a reality.


Coaching is an achievement oriented process in which a coach works with a client to identity success goals and complete exercises that develop the client's ability to achieve those success goals. Coaches give clients honest, constructive feedback. They introduce clients to exercises and activities that develop their abilities and capacities. They encourage clients through their completion of those exercises and cheer clients on as they achieve success. We provide the following coaching services:

Executive: We work with senior leadership, administrators, managers, and supervisors to set and achieve goals that support their success and the success of their organizations and groups.

Professional Life: We work with people outside of their work environment to set and achieve professional goals that support their career success beyond a specific work environment.